Austin Majors Love, Peace, Joy, Light, Hope. Austin had an energy that was both magnetic and fulfilling. As a child, when asked by reporters to describe Austin I would say, “Austin is larger than life.  Expect the unexpected with Austin.” Only when this unimaginable evil, Fentanyl, was finished torturing Austin was he set free. An invisible threat that we did not even know existed.  He had made it into his dream school and the world was his. This is the last phase of life before you have to get serious. Much deserved, new found FREEDOM!!! Wooo Hooo! Have fun while you can. You’ve got the rest of your life to worry about life. It’s the most carefree, celebratory time of his life. He and his peers have dreamed about this and seen it play out in some of their favorite movies. Little does anyone know that they are being targeted by sinister groups and adversary countries.

As a baby Austin loved people and they were his toys. Companionship was like oxygen for Austin. As a young child Austin was getting to play the role of ‘Theo Sipowicz” on “NYPD Blue” and be surrounded by loving supportive people in an environment that was creative and stimulating for him. Austin and I were very like minded and shared the same sense of humor.   At a young age we knew we were intuitive with each other and could easily communicate without speaking. Many times throughout Austin’s childhood I was approached by strangers and told, “You need to have him tested.” A few handed me a card, giving me instructions how to get ahold of an expert they knew. I politely took the card and put it in the back of a drawer. I knew Austin was bright…and interesting…and different, often referred to as ‘an old soul.’ He had answers that someone his age should not know so often that I joked, “I don’t know how he knows that, he would be a good argument for reincarnation.”  Austin grew up in regular school and did acting/auditions after school. He loved the wholesomeness of everything Disney and Disneyland. Favorite place ever! That, he never grew out of. Austin was so happy and proud to be a part of the Disney family.

After skipping a grade and graduating 2nd in his high school class he attended USC’s School of Cinematic Arts from 2013-2017. At 17 this is where he joined his fraternity brotherhood of ATO (Alpha Tau Omega). At Austin’s funeral many of his ATO Brothers said Austin was the brightest light they have ever seen.  When the Los Angeles County  Medical Examiner called me the night Austin was killed February 11 2023, that’s what helped to identify him. He died in his USC shirt and had his ATO mug on his shelf next to his bed.

While Austin was in college I would talk about news that was happening in the world and he said he had not heard of it because he was in the “USC Bubble”. About 2015 the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) started seeing illicit drugs like marijuana, Adderall, Xanax, meth and cocaine being laced with synthetic opioids/Fentanyl. It was 50X stronger than heroin/100X stronger than morphine. This is when addiction and overdoses started to rise alarmingly fast across the United States. A nation of young people being chemically restrained, deceived, poisoned. The United States’ best and brightest college students, America’s future now have been unknowingly, repeatedly exposed to Fentanyl that hijacks and takes the brain hostage. Forever an addiction more severe than has ever been seen. No medical system is set up to help these US citizens that have been repeatedly exposed to these chemicals that have been used in chemical warfare. Fentanyl renders the enemy helpless. It depresses the respiratory system and paralyzes the muscles used for breathing and the enemy suffocates. Paralyzation of your respiratory muscles comes first sometimes. Unconsciousness can come after they have been suffering respiratory depression for four minutes.That’s why there is often the Fentanyl death pose of clenched fists, arms and rigid chest where the victim is fighting to take a breath. No one is protecting them from their immaturity, ignorance and the outdated cultural expectations of ‘college life’ in the United States. Their inexperience doesn’t tell them that this is not normal or dangerous. Although the DEA is posting and warning the US, the mainstream media, CDC or US government is ignoring the DEA and rarely mentioning it, leaving the country largely unaware.

As Austin’s mom, a former US military Navy Intelligence Photographer and as an RN, I have been actively trying to figure out what is happening to Austin and how to help him. Nothing I do will work. I’m seeing behavior and actions that have never been demonstrated by Austin. During this journey I go to ALANON meetings and I hear stories of the exact same behaviors and actions that are unlike their loved one. I’m speaking to law enforcement asking them what they are witnessing and hearing the same story. They say, “There are chemicals on the weed and all other drugs that are making people have psychosis.” “Then others are like zombies…I don’t know what they are on.” I heard that they are putting chemicals on the marijuana that can bring out schizophrenia in young adults. For Austin mental illness is ruled out. Austin’s  stay in a mental hospital for a week for observation and diagnosis confirmed it is the drugs/chemicals causing his behavior. The doctor and nurses said to me, “There is nothing wrong with him, we are not giving him any medication. He is really smart. He can talk about anything forever.” I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. At least we would have help for that disease if he had a mental illness. But since it is addiction/Substance Use Disorder (SUD) we are right back at square one.The cycle continues and the drugs/chemicals rule with chaos. Every attempt to get Austin into rehab is sabotaged. The people around him and their selfishness, interference, ignorance and betrayal. Austin wanted to legally change his last name like his little sister did after she turned 18. 4 Days before Austin was killed he identified (published) himself as Austin Majors to the news/newspaper at his living facility.  Life is a living hell for Austin and I am paralyzed in fear. Unable to succeed at every attempt of saving him. For years he often wore a black over-shirt with white letters of HOPE on his back. That’s who Austin was. Trying to give others encouragement and checking on others while he was in hell. That’s what he was doing the day he died. That’s what made him feel better. He was feeling alone and sad Feb 11, 2023 because he had organized a field trip to the Los Angeles Broad Art Museum for the residence at his housing facility and nobody showed up. Later he called a couple of old friends and nobody answered. He checked to see if other friends were ok by text. Nobody responded. The chemicals and Fentanyl extinguished the brightest light.

After the LAC Medical Examiner and One Legacy Organ Donation called, TMZ called me to confirm that Austin was killed from Fentanyl Poisoning. I asked him if he could let me talk to his sister Kali first and I’ll call him back. I hung up, unprepared. Kali and I have been so isolated in this battle alone for so long I didn’t even think anyone knew or cared who Austin was anymore.It’s been such a dark, confusing journey. After I was finally successful into getting him into a rehab towards the end of the pandemic, the first night about midnight they kicked him out in the farm fields 30 miles to the closest town. They never notified anybody. Another time Austin called 911 for confusion, the fire dept. took him to AV Hospital with mental health facilities and they ER staff security beat him up and kicked him out on the street. How could you do this?!?!?! I bet you all had a good laugh and funny stories to tell about all the trash addicts that you beat the crap out of back into the gutter where they belong. Recognize what the drugs are doing to people and help them!  They are not doing this having fun. They need compassion and medical help. This was 30 miles from miles from his car in a storm with no jacket or shoes, and confusion/psychosis. He didn’t know where to go. They called the police and arrested him for trespassing at the hospital. The jail (further from home)booked him and released.  I found all this out the next day trying to find him. The jailer said it was raining and cold, he didn’t have shoes or jacket. Thank you for offering to let him stay until morning but he left about 2 am. For 6 years Austin and I have been calling many people begging for someone to care and help him.

I now know the majority of people with SUD are numbing a trauma. On Austin’s first college holiday away from family Easter Day 2014 Austin got a text from his dad saying that he left. He told me that morning,”I don’t know how much you weigh now, I can’t do this to you anymore. I’m leaving.”  The marriage counselor had told me a couple months prior to google ‘master of manipulation, lack of compassion and empathy’, and you will know what you are dealing with. Adding  there is jealousy and resentfulness of your son for the attention he took away from him. In the following months it became obvious that he divorced his kids also. At the forced meeting for him to see his kids the level of cold I felt was unnerving . I knew then it wasn’t just me he hated. I said, “I want to thank you for not killing the kids and I, because I know it was an option of yours.” He just chuckled and smiled. We parted ways.  Austin wanted to talk to his dad and go to therapy with him, making frequent requests. All denied. I would beg his dad, “Please just talk to him, do it for him. He is suffering.” All requests were refused. His dad had control of his insurance and would not make the required call to get a rehab facility. He keeps saying he doesn’t know that Austin drinks or has a problem. He says he sure hides it good from him. Even his next wife helped and placed the number in front of him but he refused to call the facility and help him. Austins pleas via text went on for months until he died. He knew how important Austin was to me. I was so desperate for help I had to resort to trying to have the courts mandate a Residential Rehabilitation Center. For a year, every month in court I would stand up and beg, “Austin is in there, he needs help! He is worth saving. Please he needs rehab. That’s all I’m asking for. He has a disease!” His public defender would say, like a robot, the same thing every time, “Your Honor, rehab is not indicated.” How do you loose your car, cel phones, computer? Why would you keep my son from getting the medical help he needed? Every other person had at least AA mandated. When a mom says their kid needs rehab then their kid needs rehab! DA Gascon said LAC was committed to Rehabilitation, Not Incarceration. Was Austin and I a joke to you? The day after Austin was killed and you saw it on the news you went to the judge to have all of his files sealed..then went on maternity leave to deliver your baby. I wonder what you named your baby. I often wonder if you think of me and Austin when your baby looks at you and smiles. Austin was the best baby. He had the best laugh I’ve ever heard. Austin and I were so close. I noticed that you housed him at the skid row facility far from the Antelope Valley where he would have had family and friends support. You put him in a facility that did not have any Narcan or safe Harm Reduction Facilities.The rule is never use alone and always have Narcan. They didn’t know.  If he was in jail he would have gotten Narcan and still be alive. When you neglected his safety and medical welfare you also killed me, and my mom. I emailed you afterwards congratulating you on the birth of your baby. You did not even have the decency to give the mother of your client your condolences. He may have been just another piece of trash addict to you, but he was everything to me. Austin and Kali are my life. You dragged this out for over a year. He could have attended 12  30 day rehab visits. His emails show that he was still begging for he and I to get to speak to each other in counseling like the judge approved months before. We did not get to speak to each other for a year. When Austin and I would see each other at court he would hold his heart and tilt his head. I would do the same and shake my head yes, you got this. I would then say a prayer acknowledging and thanking his Guardian Angel. I told Kali all the time that Austin  has the best Gaurdian Angel ever. He/She must be exhausted. I could see that this court mandated rehab plan was not going to happen so I was already working on the next plan. I sold the childhood home concerned that there were possibly too many triggers there, his behavior there was unlike the Austin that I knew who left for college.  I bought a home far away from the city were there was all of the family. I was hoping to draw Austin away from LA and the people that kept him in that dangerous environment. I wanted Austin to remember who he was.

When I hung up from TMZ that morning, I looked at Kali and said, “ I am NOT ASHAMED OF Austin and this happened TO HIM!” Austin did not want to be living like that , Austin was not enjoying himself, and Austin did NOT want to die! I WILL NOT be silent about this.” For years Austin kept saying, “I just want to take care of Kali and Mom. I don’t want to be misunderstood. I don’t want to be misunderstood.” There are so many other people out there who are going through the same thing and not getting the help they need. I was aware that the chemicals were too strong and held Austin hostage. I was far from understanding the reality of the current masses of drug/chemical poisoning/attacks on our citizens.The silence, negative stigma, facility and agency incompetence/excuses, outdated advice that does not work or apply to the CURRENT NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT/HEALTH CRISIS is killing our future generations of Americans and is unacceptable.

“So Austin has no more Hope?” This is what I asked LAC medical examiner when he called me that night. I can’t believe it. I still can’t. I will not stop fighting for the Hope that Austin had for others, and for himself. It was important for Austin to be understood. Homicide Detectives collected his computers, phones, and a page of passwords. In the follow up phone meeting they informed me that none of the passwords worked so they wouldn’t be  able to collect any evidence from them. Kali and I were so disappointed and frustrated. I said, “Oh COME ON Austin! What is your password?!”  Pop,In my mind’s eye I see something. I threw my hands up, shook my head and said, “Try ( _____ ).” There was silence,…..the Detective gasps and said, “I’m in!” !!!!!!!

Kali and I were soooo very excited and thankful. I really needed help in understanding and this was an absolute gift from God and Austin.

The outpouring of kindness, love and support shown by Austin’s friends, actor families and mainstream media for Austin was so very appreciated. You all chose a path of compassion and it did not go unnoticed. I wondered if Austin’s situation was something you all were struggling with within your own circle. It showed me that there was hope that Austin might be understood.

A Call To Action:

For six months while waiting on the toxicology report and murder investigation I continued to research near and far. What did I miss? How could I fix this to prevent others from suffering and dying? How did this happen? Why Austin? If this could happen to Austin with his strength, health, intelligence then what is going to happen to all the other colleges and other kids that are unknowingly being exposed to the addictive properties of the synthetic opioids?  I am anticipating much more SUD and homelessness due to the fact there aren’t the medically assisted rehab facilities available. I spoke to multiple LAPD Homicide detectives and LASD Detectives asking what they need to help this situation? The reply was the same. We need the tools to do our job. Our hands are tied with the laws that let criminals go with no punishment. The DA’s in California won’t try to prosecute anything. We need legislation changes back to enforcing the laws. We are understaffed, and underfunded. We don’t have the time or manpower to look into all of the deaths.

In September 2023 the DEA invited me to their Washington DC Headquarters to attend the Family Summit on Fentanyl. The focus being on empowering citizens/parents with knowledge to start grass roots organization back in their hometown to help save their community. Educate the schools, law enforcement, city councils, media of the facts about Fentanyl because the DEA intelligence is not being heard. Lost Voices of Fentanyl Group organized a march from the Washington Monument to the White house with 100’s of parents with photos and ashes of kids dead to Fentanyl and not one media outlet would show up to report.  I heard a mom say that she should not know what her sons brain weighs. All of us mom’s should not know what their kids ashes and bones feel like. Or that their kids’ donated eyes went to Chile because there is such a surplus of dead kid parts. Why is this info being suppressed for years? Double the  deaths in one year from Fentanyl that the Vietnam War and Gulf Wars Combined, but yet no reports or warnings from the CDC or local health departments. Fentanyl is the #1 killer of 18-46 year olds and the CDC is talking about masks for COVID still.

At the DEA Summit I began to meet and listen to 100 other bereaved parents that were professional, compassionate, dedicated and self motivated in their efforts to educate and raise awareness of the dangers of fentanyl to our youth. These parents have started amazingly beneficial organizations to combat the Fentanyl Crisis. For the second time since Austin died my heart stopped hurting and I could take a full breath. I knew that Austin’s HOPE was alive and that Gen Z might not be the United States last generation.

The DEA Administrator Anne Milgram and the Attorney General Merrik Garland gathered the Summit attendees from around the United States together and said, “We know we must all work together to save lives and stop fentanyl. This crisis will take all of us working together to solve. This two-day event aims to create a dialog to affect change through enforcement, awareness and prevention education.” There has to be a language change addressing the new current day illicit drug epidemic crisis.

  1. Erase the Stigma. There is NO SHAME in being poisoned and deceived.
  2. Erase word ‘addiction.’  ‘Substance Use Disorder SUD’ is a disease listed in the DSM. Fentanyl is laced on 7 out of 10 illicit drugs tested from around the country in 2023. Once exposed you are an addict for life being 50X stronger than heroin. This requires treatment in a medically assisted facility. Only 2% can get clean unassisted. SUD is a family disease. It takes everyone working together as a united front supporting the sick family member.
  3. Erase the word ‘overdose.’ These are ‘Poisonings/Murder’ through deception.
  4. CDC states “Substance Use Disorder is not a Character Flaw.” SUD is not a moral flaw. A quarter of a million young Americans have been murdered in the last 2 years 2022,2023
  5. Declare Fentanyl as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and Domestic Terrorism from China and Mexico. This is being seen in all states and requested by many county Sheriffs around the US and the DEA. These media conferences are not being aired but can be viewed on Youtube.
  6. Fentanyl has been used in Chemical Warfare. Fentanyl is now being brought in by our open borders. Our borders must be secured.
  7. The White House administration is ignoring all Congressional reports of China being in a drug war and all warnings of the preceding information, including FBI warnings to our High National Security Threat level.
  8. Grieving parents whose kids were murdered from the White House Administrations neglect to protect its citizens are now having to try to warn and save the future of the country. This is what you took an oath to do. Do your job.
  9. Retired DEA Special Agent Derrek Maltz explains to South Carolina Congressman in Youtube video China’s intent to destabilize the future of the US with Fentanyl attack.
  10. More research and development needs to go into finding treatment and a cure for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Regulating quality of care SUD rehabilitation centers.
  11. Protecting people living in High Intensity Drug Traffic Areas (HIDTA). Provide counseling, classes on SUD, life skills, 24/7 mental health support, Narcan. Extra security to keep drug/death dealers from preying on this vulnerable population.
  12. While attending the DEA Los Angeles Division Fentanyl Summit in October 2023 Sheriff Brown in Santa Barbara County spoke about his SUD program that he offers his community members. Sheriff Brown said, “Fentanyl is deadly, dangerous and tragic. A goal is to change the stigma of SUD and provide the support needed for the people addicted.” He went on to encourage the citizens to put pressure on your local Congressman and Senator to change policies and legislation. “We need medically assisted programs available to people.”
  13. Steve Filson, a retired Narcotics Detective lost his daughter to Fentanyl and started the group ‘Stop the VOID’. He showed the award winning video, “Dead on Arrival”. They are now raising their granddaughter. There are many Fentanyl orphans in the US.  In November back East of Los Angeles Steve Filson went to Kali’s police academy to show, “Dead on Arrival”. Kali said there was not a dry eye. Everyone was crying. Please remember this crisis effects every family. No one is unaffected. If it hasn’t yet, it will.
  14. Please remember our first responders and law enforcement. They see the deadly effects of fentanyl, and devastating affects from illicit drugs causing psychosis every day and it takes a toll on them as well. We are all in this together. Please consider going to your local fire department and sheriff/police department and ask them what you can do to help the situation. Find out what laws and legislation changes your Congressman and Senator is working on to help. Ask your local hospital/ER how many poisonings they are seeing in your community. Go to the local mortuary and ask them if your community is seeing deaths from fentanyl. Ask the city to have a town hall meeting to discuss the numbers in your community. Ask if the local health department can start an awareness campaign and provide Narcan. Attend school board meetings and ask questions. Hope is not silent. There is a lot of hiding the facts because of the stigma. The days of recreational drug use are over. At the DEA Summit I met 2 different families whose kids smoked weed and died from fentanyl. I met one mom whose daughter drank out of a water bottle and died from fentanyl. Everyone should be carrying Narcan and know how to use it. The CDC and our local health department should be handing out Narcan. Inaction is deadly.

Liberty or Death
You Can Choose…Until You Use

Goal: To Bring awareness that empowers both youth and adults with information of our most current and ongoing public health crisis and National security threat our Country has ever seen. Synthetic chemicals/opioids/Fentanyl is the #1 killer of 18-46 year olds for multiple years in a row. Designed to addict and kill you.

By sharing Austin story, providing facts and offering suggestions to you so you can choose how to navigate this rapidly changing landscape of drugs/synthetic chemicals/Fentanyl that are put on every kind of illicit drug available. DEA reports 7 out of 10 illicit recreational drugs are laced and potentially deadly.

Arm yourself with knowledge. You are a very important citizen of the United States of America. You are our future and we care about your safety. We need you. You are the future of this Great Free Nation of these United States. YOUR FREEDOM threatens other countries that are not free.

The synthetic chemicals that are being laced on all the illicit recreational drugs you buy on SNAPCHAT/online and get at parties are 50-100X more potent and instantly hijack your brain. Your brain is changed and addicted once you are exposed. Your brain is addicted for life. Addiction is not freedom. Liberty to choose is freedom. There is no occasional recreational drug use any more due to the drug war that is happening targeting America’s youth. Targeting YOU.

Know the multiple street names that are used for Fentanyl. Homicide Detective said Austin was worried about what he got with the other guy and was researching it. The last thing Austin looked up on his computer at 5:52pm was “China White Drug”. Only a 1980’s article on “China White Epidemic:A Eastern United States Emergency” came up. He didn’t know what china white was. Austin and the acquaintance each went to their own room. Austin did not wake up an hour later when he came back to check on him. The friend also lost consciousness.

Austin was scared being there. He sent his dad a picture of the residence door next to his. A coroner seal for death. It was still there when Kali and I broke the coroner seal on Austin’s door to collect his belongings. I guess nobody claimed his neighbor. A forgotten member of society. An addict. Disposable.

As wrong and outdated it is, the ‘Stigma’ is real.

Drug use is a lifelong commitment now. However short that might be.

Liberty or Death
You can choose…Until you use

Addiction/SUD is imprisonment and you no longer are free to live happy and follow your dreams. When you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol you are vulrenable to the people around you and they do with you what they want to. Not what you want to. You can’t think straight anymore. You will be a victim to the chemical every single day until it kills you. Please think past this moment. You deserve freedom to be happy and healthy. Go view local court cases at your local courthouse. Almost all of the legal offenses involve alcohol or drugs, when the person was under the influence and not thinking straight or making good decisions. It’s your body, your life, your responsibility. Nobody can save you. There is no “Wait till they hit Rock Bottom” anymore. ‘Rock Bottom’ is DEATH now. No time for recovery. Take a field trip to the coroner’s office to see what they do to your body when you die from these chemicals. Knowledge is power. Really know what you’re playing with. This ain’t no game. Picture what happens to your mom, dad or little sister /brother when they are doing CPR on you and you don’t ever start breathing again. You didn’t just do this to you. You killed your whole family for that one high. Is this too real? Too harsh? I haven’t even started describing to you about the ‘Life Legacy’ call that comes to your mom ½ hour after the coroner. They will let her know what tissues/organs they will be ‘harvesting’ to help other people live better. I wish my son made choices that would have helped him live better . Have you ever even heard of the ‘Harvesters’ or ‘organ procurement’? This has to be done ASAP for obvious reasons.

If it’s ok could you please apply yourself and do more research on your own? I don’t feel good having to talk about this to try to save your life. Austin didn’t get that chance. Nobody warned their class when the severity of laced drugs got started. But ultimately it was Austin’s responsibility, to keep himself safe. He paid for his bad choices in trusting people he should not have trusted with his life.  I hope you will take it seriously and know that we are not being dramatic and trying to scare you from using drugs. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m informing you of the NEW/CURRENT situation so you can choose your own path. You’re free to do all the investigating on your own. Please read/watch the links that I will add at the end. Research and seek out more information on your own. Bill Bodner, Special Agent in Charge of DEA Los Angeles said ,”This Fentanyl is taking all lives. This can not become the new norm. Social anxiety is driving self medicating and recreational drug use.” There is a National 988 phone number with 24 hour crisis assistance lines available. Call this number instead of taking a pill. Talk to loving, caring people about your concerns. Family is who loves you and shows that they care for you. Start a support network of friends that you can reach out to when needed. “Take Hugs not Drugs.” Have a plan before you need it. Please share the information with your friends. Maybe start an awareness group in your school to inform other students. Make sure your school has Narcan and know where it is located.

I have noticed that the youth today are the kindest, most thoughtful generation we have ever seen. You fight for equality, animal rights, planet earth preservation, self identification, LGBTQ equality, maintaining freedom of speech…..I have really been encouraged by your display of humanity. Please know that it is OK to defend and protect yourselves. What is happening to you is not normal and must never be thought of as acceptable. Please never confuse kindness with weakness. You must protect your generation by being kind and strong. We are here to help. We need your help to help you. We are listening.

At all cost- Defend Your Freedom!

Liberty or Death

You can Choose…Until You Use!

It’s been a decade of destruction since that Easter Day that hurt Austin so significantly. It’s been a year since Austin died. Grief Expert David Kessler said, “Death does not have the power to end a relationship.” That has certainly been true for Kali, Austin and I. When Austin told me his password with Homicide Detective I was able to see why he needed to be numb, heard and understood.  He refused to give up hope on his dad, telling him in detail what he needed. He was setting his dad up to be the hero, so he could fix him. He wanted so desperately for his dad to show him that he cared.  Austin keeps getting in my head about this. He won’t leave me alone until I write about it. Be transparent and tell the whole truth. I will let Austin tell it. There is something about being heard and understood, especially when the other person is deceptive and manipulative. The gaslighting and psychological abuse had taken a toll on all of us.  Austin has been in angst and wants peace. I hope this sets Austin free. I want freedom . Kali deserves freedom. It’s our lives and we have the right to talk about it. It’s happening to us and we don’t want to be controlled by fear any more.

Please if anyone is suffering go to another friend or call the 988 number. Don’t  let a person or a drug gamble with your Liberty. You may get Death like Austin did. My only comfort is knowing that Austin has a loving Father now in Heaven.

I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, support and respect that you have always shown Austin.❤️‍🩹Austin was larger than life, and that’s why I shared him with the world. I have always been so protective of Austin, but I couldn’t save him from these chemicals. Austin did not want to die. I will carry out Austin’s Legacy of Hope and try to save future generations in Austin’s name. Austin would tell me, “I am you and you are me. When we save each other we save ourselves.”

Some people might think that I am still trying to save Austin. But if Austin is right, he lives on through us, and Austin’s light keeps Hope alive.

💔Austin Majors Mom ❤️‍🩹

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