Youth Engagement

Liberty or Death
You Can Choose…Until You Use

Goal: To Bring awareness that empowers both youth and adults with information of our most current and ongoing public health crisis and National security threat our Country has ever seen. Synthetic chemicals/opioids/Fentanyl is the #1 killer of 18-46 year olds for multiple years in a row. Designed to addict and kill you.

By sharing Austin story, providing facts and offering suggestions to you so you can choose how to navigate this rapidly changing landscape of drugs/synthetic chemicals/Fentanyl that are put on every kind of illicit drug available. DEA reports 7 out of 10 illicit recreational drugs are laced and potentially deadly.

Arm yourself with knowledge. You are a very important citizen of the United States of America. You are our future and we care about your safety. We need you. You are the future of this Great Free Nation of these United States. YOUR FREEDOM threatens other countries that are not free.

The synthetic chemicals that are being laced on all the illicit recreational drugs you buy on SNAPCHAT/online and get at parties are 50-100X more potent and instantly hijack your brain. Your brain is changed and addicted once you are exposed. Your brain is addicted for life. Addiction is not freedom. Liberty to choose is freedom. There is no occasional recreational drug use any more due to the drug war that is happening targeting America’s youth. Targeting YOU.

Know the multiple street names that are used for Fentanyl. Homicide Detective said Austin was worried about what he got with the other guy and was researching it. The last thing Austin looked up on his computer at 5:52pm was “China White Drug”. Only a 1980’s article on “China White Epidemic:A Eastern United States Emergency” came up. He didn’t know what china white was. Austin and the acquaintance each went to their own room. Austin did not wake up an hour later when he came back to check on him. The friend also lost consciousness.

Austin was scared being there. He sent his dad a picture of the residence door next to his. A coroner seal for death. It was still there when Kali and I broke the coroner seal on Austin’s door to collect his belongings. I guess nobody claimed his neighbor. A forgotten member of society. An addict. Disposable.

As wrong and outdated it is, the ‘Stigma’ is real.

Drug use is a lifelong commitment now. However short that might be.

Liberty or Death
You can choose…Until you use

Addiction/SUD is imprisonment and you no longer are free to live happy and follow your dreams. When you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol you are vulrenable to the people around you and they do with you what they want to. Not what you want to. You can’t think straight anymore. You will be a victim to the chemical every single day until it kills you. Please think past this moment. You deserve freedom to be happy and healthy. Go view local court cases at your local courthouse. Almost all of the legal offenses involve alcohol or drugs, when the person was under the influence and not thinking straight or making good decisions. It’s your body, your life, your responsibility. Nobody can save you. There is no “Wait till they hit Rock Bottom” anymore. ‘Rock Bottom’ is DEATH now. No time for recovery. Take a field trip to the coroner’s office to see what they do to your body when you die from these chemicals. Knowledge is power. Really know what you’re playing with. This ain’t no game. Picture what happens to your mom, dad or little sister /brother when they are doing CPR on you and you don’t ever start breathing again. You didn’t just do this to you. You killed your whole family for that one high. Is this too real? Too harsh? I haven’t even started describing to you about the ‘Life Legacy’ call that comes to your mom ½ hour after the coroner. They will let her know what tissues/organs they will be ‘harvesting’ to help other people live better. I wish my son made choices that would have helped him live better . Have you ever even heard of the ‘Harvesters’ or ‘organ procurement’? This has to be done ASAP for obvious reasons.

If it’s ok could you please apply yourself and do more research on your own? I don’t feel good having to talk about this to try to save your life. Austin didn’t get that chance. Nobody warned their class when the severity of laced drugs got started. But ultimately it was Austin’s responsibility, to keep himself safe. He paid for his bad choices in trusting people he should not have trusted with his life.  I hope you will take it seriously and know that we are not being dramatic and trying to scare you from using drugs. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m informing you of the NEW/CURRENT situation so you can choose your own path. You’re free to do all the investigating on your own. Please read/watch the links that I will add at the end. Research and seek out more information on your own. Bill Bodner, Special Agent in Charge of DEA Los Angeles said ,”This Fentanyl is taking all lives. This can not become the new norm. Social anxiety is driving self medicating and recreational drug use.” There is a National 988 phone number with 24 hour crisis assistance lines available. Call this number instead of taking a pill. Talk to loving, caring people about your concerns. Family is who loves you and shows that they care for you. Start a support network of friends that you can reach out to when needed. “Take Hugs not Drugs.” Have a plan before you need it. Please share the information with your friends. Maybe start an awareness group in your school to inform other students. Make sure your school has Narcan and know where it is located.

I have noticed that the youth today are the kindest, most thoughtful generation we have ever seen. You fight for equality, animal rights, planet earth preservation, self identification, LGBTQ equality, maintaining freedom of speech…..I have really been encouraged by your display of humanity. Please know that it is OK to defend and protect yourselves. What is happening to you is not normal and must never be thought of as acceptable. Please never confuse kindness with weakness. You must protect your generation by being kind and strong. We are here to help. We need your help to help you. We are listening.

At all cost- Defend Your Freedom!

Liberty or Death

You can Choose…Until You Use!

Austin’s ATO fraternity brothers